Important for all – 2024 Updates about shop work

Important for all – 2024 Updates about shop work

Dear friends, clients, future clients, and those who have ordered from our store,

This information is for you.

As you know, IDOLSTORE was initially opened as a platform where enthusiasts of comics, games, series, and anime could order interesting products for themselves. We have always aimed to delight you with a variety of new items. And that was the case until February 24, 2022.

On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine. Subsequently, following these events, all doors for conducting business on an international level were closed for sellers from Russia (which includes us).

Consequently, Paypal and other payment methods, which we could use to accept payments, settle with suppliers, and conduct financial activities, left Russia.

Starting from spring 2022, we began searching for ways to address this issue in the future, to restore sales, and to dispatch the goods that we had delayed for shipment. We resorted to less convenient and more complex methods, and they were functioning at 30-40%. Some payments went through, while others did not. Withdrawal of funds was challenging, as was the turnover of orders.

We would like to inform you and say that everything is back to normal, but it’s not. These methods also fell under the sanctions of Western countries. As the owner of the store, I do not support this war, I have participated in protests against it, and fully understand why Russia is under sanctions.

However, in the same way, I have lost the opportunity for existence and conducting business. Literally – I lost income and means of subsistence.

IDOLSTORE has been in existence for over 10 years, and I have dedicated all these ten years to it.

As of today, two years and two months later, we still do not have an option for accepting funds, and we cannot send orders to some customers for whom it is necessary to purchase goods. We are searching for methods and not giving up, trying to find available options.

Receiving 99% of rejections from payment processing companies, we are still searching for solutions. Motivation is greatly diminished, but we are trying not to despair.

All customers will receive their orders 100%. All customers will receive their refunds 100% – if they are tired of waiting. Each customer is a friend to us, and we care deeply about you.

We have a couple of ideas of what can be done, but it takes time. And I hope that by the end of spring, we will be able to establish processes for accepting payments. I want to believe in this.

There are intermediaries who can accept payments via PayPal in another country with a high commission. We don’t know if this will work and are considering other options. But we are definitely not abandoning our tasks and responsibilities to our customers.

Please stay tuned. We will definitely overcome these difficulties.

Sincerely yours,

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