Shipping policy


Hey guys, first of all, thanks a million for your support. As you all know the whole world right now is under attack by the coronavirus. And even now, when vaccination for most countries began, most borders are closed for tourism and worldwide shipping works with delays.

We ship our parcels as fast as possible, but stages like customs, shipping processing, etc before the package left the country are quite extended right now. For a few weeks or a month in the longest periods. Thanks a million for your understanding. For customers who don’t want to wait that long – please submit the refund request via contact form.

Idolstore team



All of our products are ships from: China and Russian Federation. On this matter, delivery time frame may take some time and include all stages: from delivery to a warehouse in Beijing and Yekaterinburg, subsequent processing, customs, providing a track number and air delivery to the destination country. Please consider such information when you place an order in our store. 🙂

AIR MAIL (Universal Postal Union) – 25-45 DAYS

The classic IDOLSTORE delivery method for most products. Delivery cost from $10 per order. The total delivery cost is calculated based on the number of items in cart. In the case for heavy parcels, the delivery price is calculating based on the parcels total weight. Time frames 25-45 days.

In some cases, the period may be shorter or longer, depending on time of the year. The track number is providing when parcel already shipped and passed all delivery stages. Delivery service provides according the recipient's index. Upon receipt, a passport is required. No additional charges are required when parcel is receiving (except additional taxes expenses for some countries).


Made for customes who don't want to wait more then a month. EMS Services - the most popular, fast and a relatively inexpensive way to deliver a package worldwide. First, your parcel is delivered by a courier to our warehouse. Second stage is EMS Service courier pick the parcel and shipment starts it's way to customer address. After 1-2 days, you will receive an email with the  tracking number.

Once the shipping company has provided tracking information, you'll be able to track your parcel and observe a shipping route.
  • Tracking information become available white parcel is on the route. Usually within 5-20 days. Sometimes a bit longer regarding time of the year, holidays and other special circumstances.
  • Once tracking available we will notify you over email automatically.
  • To track your parcel please visit or any other international parcels tracking websites and paste tracking number.
  • Most of our items ships from: China and Russia
  • Basic time for most orders 14-18 days. Some orders can take up to 3 - 4 weeks. Canadian and Australian orders may take up to 5 weeks. Other countries international orders can take up to 6 weeks. Some delays might be occur due to unforeseen reasons regarding Postage Service. However, most orders should be delivered within 2 weeks It's been shipped. UK and Ireland shipments arrives in 35-60 days.
  • Guaranteed delivery time of all orderse: 60 days. If the goods were not delivered in time, we are proceed the full refund payment to the customer.
  • Please pay attention shipping time does not include: packing, handling, printing and producing in some cases such as handmade crafts and custom made t-shirts.
  • When you order multiple items at the time, they may be shipped separately due the manufacturing reasons.