Hey guys, if you placed an order and didn’t receive it, please read this message. As you know the main stock with the apparel we sell located in Russian Federation and China. Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th. Western governments have imposed a string of sanctions on Russia. The banking sector is totally banned from the rest of the world in the most popular ways (including PayPal). We are totally supporting current suctions against Russia and supporting Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. STOP WAR!


All parcels we ship comes with the special tracking number that allows our customers to be seen delivery process. However tracking numbers isn’t available since the first day you make payment. We provide tracking only after a whole bunch of processing time at the last deliver stage. If you don’t have a tracking number by some reasons or never recieved your items, please use the following ways to find our where is your order right now:

To track your item please put the tracking number (if you already received it) into the field and press “TRACK”. Please note that tracking number should have the following format as follows for most parcels: ROXXXXXXXXRU