Hey guys, first of all, thanks a million for your support. As you all know the whole world right now is under attack by the coronavirus. And even now, when vaccination for most countries began, most borders are closed for tourism and worldwide shipping works with delays.

We ship our parcels as fast as possible, but stages like customs, shipping processing, etc before the package left the country are quite extended right now. For a few weeks or a month in the longest periods. Thanks a million for your understanding. For customers who don’t want to wait that long – please submit the refund request via contact form.

Idolstore team


All parcels we ship comes with the special tracking number that allows our customers to be seen delivery process. However tracking numbers isn’t available since the first day you make payment. We provide tracking only after a whole bunch of processing time at the last deliver stage. If you don’t have a tracking number by some reasons or never recieved your items, please use the following ways to find our where is your order right now:

To track your item please put the tracking number (if you already received it) into the field and press “TRACK”. Please note that tracking number should have the following format as follows for most parcels: ROXXXXXXXXRU